1000 Burpees for the fastest time!

If you've got what it takes and are looking to push your limits, take on the CrossFit Oakleigh / Strong Melbourne burpees challenge!

This is a free, open challenge to anyone who will dare to harness all of their strength, stamina, speed and determination to perform one thousand chest to the floor burpees in the fastest possible time!

Can you beat 72:24?

On Saturday the 24th of May, 2014 at CrossFit Oakleigh - Jack Cotton fought his way through the full one thousand reps to finish with a record time of 72 minutes and 24 seconds!

To allow for error, Jack actually performed more than 1000 reps and ended up with a total of 1011 + 1 no-rep in 73:00mins!

Guidelines & Rules

If you would like to take on this record time, see the guidelines video below and check out our 1000 Burpees Challenge Guidelines (PDF) for tips and rules to follow!

Publish a video of your attempt and let us know - we'd love to see it! Alternatively, check out the 1000 Burpees Challenge on Facebook!

Good luck & have fun!